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Did you know, there are more affluent people that surf the Internet, searching for the best prices on high end, luxury furniture and accessories than households making far less. The reason is quite simple! It’s not what you make, but it’s what you keep! So, why pay MORE, if you can get it for less? “Fine Furniture Purchasing Exchange Group, Inc aka FFPEG, Inc has been in the business of selling high-end exquisite furniture and accessories for over 20 years. As Dealers of Fine Furniture, Accessories and Home Décor, we search the globe for the highest quality merchandise available at the best price possible.

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Our motto, “Buy the best and Buy it only once”.

FFPEG offers exceptional deals on high-end merchandise from lines such as, Maitland Smith, Marge Carson, Christopher Guy, Theodore Alexander and Althorp, just to name a few. Treat your home or office to the best in luxury furnishings. More importantly, the customer service that you will receive can’t be beat! You will never be stuck with sub-standard merchandise. Should you receive an item that is defective, either from the supplier or shipping damage, don’t worry, we’ll replace it! No questions ASK! Once a month, our clients receive our monthly Sales e-flyer, featuring offers of high-end furniture and accessories that exceeds discounts of over 50%, 60% and 70% and in some cases 80% off retail!

For more information about our company, email us at Don't forget to check out the Outlet for reductions up to 70% off at OR CALL US AT (888) 692-0225

Fine Furniture Purchasing Exchange Group Inc Interior Layout

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